Jack Harte

Jack Harte was born in Co Sligo, Ireland, grew up in the Midlands, and has lived in Dublin for many years. He pursued many occupations over the years, including Principal of Lucan Community College in Dublin. From schooldays he has been a writer, and has written a wide variety of books. His short story collections, Murphy in the Underworld, Birds and other Tails, and From Under Gogol’s Nose, have been widely acclaimed and translated into Russian, Bulgarian, Hindi, and German. His novel, In the wake of the Bagger, was the first literary work to have been commissioned under the Irish Government’s Per Cent for Art scheme, and was nominated by a popular handbook as one of the 101 Irish Books you Must Read. His second novel, Reflections in a Tar-Barrel, was published in Bulgaria before it appeared in English and was a major success in that country. His most recent book, Unravelling the Spiral, was a memoir/biography of his cousin and friend, Fred Conlon, the acclaimed Irish sculptor who died in 2005. Jack Harte founded the Irish Writers’ Union and the Irish Writers’ Centre, and was instrumental in engineering the survival of the latter when state support was withdrawn in 2009. His most recent literary project was Arcana, a book designed for the Internet, published in eight languages around the world simultaneously on 23 April, 2013, as a UNESCO World Book Night event. It is available to read on http://www.scotuspress.com/arcana

Further info:  http://www.jackharte.com


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